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Chemicals : Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Ameritech 2.5 Gallon Spigot


Chemicals : Drain & Sewer Maintenance


Ameritech Predator Aggressive Enzymatic Treatment - Qt.

A fast acting multi-use product that breaks down complex organic matter into simple matter for easy removal without using dangerous caustics, acids or solvents!

Chemicals : Floor Cleaners


Ameritech Winterinse 2.0 All Purpose Neutralizer - Gal.

A low pH (2.2) neutralizing solution that helps resolve floor alkalinity issues.  Ideal for use on VCT and Hard Floor surfaces, EnviroStar All Purpose Neutralizer improves coating adhesion on alkaline surfaces.  This product is excellent for use after stripping processes and during winter months to remove salt build up.

Chemicals : Floor Finishes


Ameritech EnduraGloss 20 Floor Finish - 2.5 Gal.

An excellent, low maintenance coating with outstanding resistance to scuffs, scratches, black heel marks and detergent scrubbings.

Ameritech Luminescent High Gloss Floor Finish - 2.5 Gal.

Designed with the latest polymer and floor finish technology, Luminescent Floor Finish produces a spectacular off-the-mop shine.

Ameritech Gem Gloss Floor Finish - 2.5 Gal.

A metal cross-linked, all purpose, ultra high speed ("UHS") coating.

Chemicals : Floor Restorers / Maintainers


Ameritech Recover Floor Finish Restorer - Gal.

A multi-purpose product which helps reduce the labor needed to maintain coated VCT, wood, and hard floor surfaces. Designed for use as a mop-on or automatic scrubber product. Cleans and enhances floors in one step.

Chemicals : Glass / Surface Cleaner


Ameritech Brilliant Plexiglas & Hard Surface Cleaner - Qt.

One of the highest performing glass cleaners on the market today. It cleans glass and mirrors easily and quickly, leaving them perfectly clean and streak free!

Ameritech Ammo-D Ammoniated Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner

One of the highest performing glass cleaners on the market today! It cleans glass and mirrors easily and quickly, leaving them perfectly clean and streak-free!

Chemicals : Carpet Care : Carpet Defoamer


Ameritech Saber Cleaning Defoamer - Gal.

A highly concentrated defoamer for use in carpet extractors, automatic floor scrubbers, wet vacs and for treating janitorial closet drains and kitchen drains.

Chemicals : Carpet Care : Carpet Shampoo & Cleaners


Ameritech Encapture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner - Gal.

Utilizes an amazing new technology that allows it to dehydrate soils, allowing them to be easily removed as dry particulates. Will not leave any sticky or tacky residue.

Chemicals : Industrial : Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


Ameritech RipTide Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser - Gal.

A remarkable, fast acting, concentrated cleaner degreaser that removes the toughest soils for almost anything. Its totally unique and extremely potent formulation allows it to be used in place of dangerous or flammable solvent degreasers! It replaces caustics for cleaning tools, concrete floors, even ovens and stoves. Riptide replaces dangerous acids for cleaning filthy bathrooms, showers, toilets, etc.

Chemicals : Deodorant : Liquid Deodorant


Ameritech Ameriscent Malodor Counteractant - Qt.

A deodorizer that effectively eliminates tough odors like mildew, urine, and pet odors. Formulated with a pleasant lavender scent. RTU and safe for daily use. Can be applied directly to surface or released into the air. 12 per case.

Chemicals : Disinfectants / Sanitizers : Liquid Disinfectants / Sanitizers


Ameritech Sani-Secure Disinfectant Cleaner - Gal.

Cleans quickly by removing dirt, grime, mold, mildew, food residue, body oils, dead skin, blood and other organic matter commonly found in hospitals.

Chemicals : Floor Strippers : Liquid Floor Strippers


Ameritech Eradicate 55 Floor Stripper - 2.5 Gal.

Produces excellent results even after numerous scrub and re-coats, or lengthy periods between stripping operations.

Ameritech Detach Low Odor Floor Stripper - 2.5 Gal.

Extra strength low odor floor stripper formulated for use in environments where slow-drying stripping procedures are required.

Ameritech RiteStrip HD Floor Stripper - 2.5 Gal.

An economical floor stripper, RiteStrip HD is a powerful, non-ammoniated butyl-based formula that cuts through heavy build-up. Cuts through hard to remove water-based sealers.

Skin Care : Soap : Liquid Soap


AmeriSoap White Pearl Hand Soap & Body Shampoo - Gal.

Bulk fill.

AmeriSoap Golden Pearl Hand Soap & Body Shampoo - Gal.

Antibacterial hand soap and body shampoo. Bulk fill.

AmeriSoap Pink Pearl Hand Soap - Gal.

Bulk fill.

Chemicals : Restroom Cleaners : Multiple Surface Cleaners


Ameritech Alamo Crème Cleanser - Qt.

A crème cleanser with mild abrasives and a highly effective liquid scouring compound. Easy to use, easy to rinse and leaves no powdery film. Does not contain any acid and will not scratch surfaces.

Ameritech Pitstop Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner - Qt.

A fresh, clean smelling and non-abrasive bathroom cleaner that delivers phenomenal results in an economical, ready to use solution.

Ameritech Banish Mild Acid Bowl Cleanse - Qt.

Banish is a 20% phosphoric acid bowl cleanse for cleaning ceramic tile, grout and bathroom fixtures.

Ameritech Stinger Low Acid Bowl Cleanse - Qt.

Stinger is a 9% hydrochloric acid bowl and porcelain cleaner that is non-fuming, fast acting and high sudsing.

Chemicals : Multi Purpose : Multi Purpose Liquid


Ameritech Clarity Neutral All Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

Clarity Neutral All Purpose Cleaner is an incredibly unique formula made especially for maintaining super high gloss floors! It contains free-rinsing detergents, which prevent it from leaving any dulling film or haze. Can actually restore the gloss of floors that have started to dull or degrade! In fact, it is also ideal for use on many other surfaces where thorough cleaning without leaving a dulling film is desired! Formulated at a neutral pH so it can effectively remove soil without penetrating the finish or negatively affecting its gloss.

Ameritech Perfecto Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Gal.


Ameritech Bio Clean Enzymatic Multi Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

A bio-enzymatic liquid concentrate designed to clean and degrade organic material that builds up on surfaces over time with a great springtime scent.

Ameritech Peroxy Power Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner - Lavender

A low toxicity, low VOC, readily biodegradable, hydrogen peroxide fortified, highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner. No rinse required.