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Liners : Bio-Hazard


Pitt High Density Isolation Bag - 40 x 48, 17 mic, Red

Color coded, printed bags, red for infectious waste, yellow for infectious linen and blue for non-contagious Linen management. Our printed Stock Isolation Bags are imprinted with English and Spanish to help ensure complete understanding for safety and proper use.

Chemicals : Enzyme Bacteria Products


Spartan Consume® Eco-Lyzer® Neutral Disinfectant -5 Gal

A neutral disinfectant cleaner with residual odor control that reduces janitorial labor by cleaning, disinfecting, and digesting residual organic soils with one product. Multi-surface safe with a neutral pH, Eco-Lyzer is safe to use on most floors, including concrete, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, slate, rubber, VCT, and painted surfaces. Use in bathrooms, stadiums, zoos, kennels, dumpsters, trash bins, loading docks, and portable toilets. Removes soils and leaves nonpathogenic, enzyme-producing bacteria behind for residual control of nuisance odors. Neutral pH; reduces risk and liability. The scent of an early morning Caribbean tide.

Chemicals : Floor Care Gym


Spartan AquaSport Wood Floor Cleaner - Gal.

Specifically formulated to clean natural hardwood floors without product buildup, harsh detergents or ammonia. Can be used as pre-cleaner during finishing or re-coating.

Chemicals : Floor Care Wood


MPC™ Prime Time WF Urethane Wood Finish - 2.5 Gal.

A 100% oil-modified urethane wood finish dispersed in water with characteristics equal to and often surpassing those of conventional solvent coatings. Fast air drying film allows multiple coats daily. Produces a crystal clear film with exceptional gloss.

Chemicals : Floor Cleaners


Spartan Damp Mop Cleaner - 15 Gal.

No rinse floor cleaner concentrate reduces time and labor cost of daily maintenance of high gloss, metal-interlock floor finishes. Pleasant lemon fragrance. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. Dilution: 2-6 oz. makes gallon.

3M™ Twist 'n Fill™ 3H Neutral Cleaner - 2 L, Black Cap

No-rinse, low-foaming formula won't harm washable hard floors or leave soapy residue that can dull or soften floor finish. Green Seal™ Certified. Yields 207 ready to use gallons. Black cap.

Chemicals : Glass / Surface Cleaner


3M™ Twist 'n Fill™ 17L Glass Cleaner&Protector-2L,Gray

With Scotchgard™ protection leaves an invisible layer of protection on glass for easier cleaning after routine use. Concentrate. Cleans (but may not protect) other surfaces. Green Seal™ GS-37 certified. Gray Cap.

#1 Glass Cleaner Empty Bottle w/Trigger

32 oz. empty bottle with trigger.

Cleaning Supplies : Hand, Scrub, & Utility Pads


PRO-LINK® #63 Scour Light Duty Sponge

Dual action cleaning tool with scouring pad and absorbent cellulose sponge. 6 1/4" x 3 3/8".

Liners : High Density Roll


Hi-Density Can Liner - 24 x 24, 8 mic, Blue


Hi-Density Can Liner - 24 x 24, 8 mic, Green


Hi-Density Can Liner - 24 x 24, 8 mic, Pink


Hi-Density Can Liner - 24 x 24, 8 mic, Yellow


Hi-Density Can Liner - 30 x 37, 16 mic, Pink


Chemicals : Laundry


ECOS® PRO Laundry Detergent - 5 Gal. Pail, Lavender

Magnolia & Lilies, Lavender, Lemongrass scents. The best selling environmentally preferable laundry detergent in the United States! Versatile, safe and hypoallergenic; ECOS can be used in high-efficiency machines or standard machines and in hot, warm or cold water. Safely cleans clothes without disintegrating fabric fibers or fading colors. Non-toxic, readily-biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using only sustainable, plant-based ingredients. Product is free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, greywater and septic safe. Recognized by EPA's DfE and USDA's Biopreferred Program. It has a built-in coconut-oil based fabric softener and cellulose based optical brightener.

Liners : Low Density


Berry Steel-Flex® Coreless Roll - 36x46, 0.74 mil, Clear

Linear low density polyethylene liner provides superior puncture and tear resistance. Exceptional strength even under the stress of heavy duty use. Star bottom seals eliminate leakage and odors. Sizes and gauges to meet any need.

Trinity Stock Institutional Bag - 24 x 32, 0.65 mil, Black

Available in various sizes, mils, and colors.

Liners : Low Density Roll


Berry Big City® Blended LLDPE - 29 x 44, 0.98 mil, Black

High-quality blend of virgin LLDPE and recycled content, 10% post-consumer waste in black liners 1 mil and above. Ideal for heady-duty applications, including sharp, heavy and irregular waste. Exceptional strength with good puncture and tear resistance. Coreless rolls.

Cleaning Supplies : Misc. Cleaning Supplies


IPC Eagle HydroClean™ Cleano 10 Cleaning System

Perfect for those out of reach surfaces. Cleaning up to 15' it's quick and easy to use. Environmentally friendly, no chemicals. Economical, eliminates chemical costs.

IPC Eagle HydroClean™ HC25 Cleaning System

Using our 25' carbon fiber compostie flip lock telescopic pole you can reach up to 30'. Environmentally friendly, no chemicals. Economical, eliminates chemical costs.

Cleaning Supplies : Rags/Towels/Cloth Wipers


ABW White Terry Towel - 50 lb. Box

Sizes and weights vary from piece to piece. 15" x 15" up to 19" x 19".

Receptacles / Trash : Recycle


Carlisle Bronco™ Recycling Container Lid - 32 Gal., Blue

Support community recycling programs or your own green initiatives with these sturdy cans. Lids have 8" hole.

Skin Care : Sanitizers


Dial® Professional Antibacterial Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 1.2 L Refill, Fragrance-Free

Kills 99.999% of bacteria without soap and water in as little as 15 seconds. Delivers 10x more moisturization to the skin than if left untreated. Provides clean, convenient, effective bacteria-kill, yet is gentle on hands.

Skin Care : Shampoo - Hair & Body


Spartan Spa Body Shampoo - Gal.

Luxurious, ultra cosmetic ingredients provide thick, rich lather for hair and body cleansing. Fortified with aloe vera and lanolin. Free rinsing. High sudsing Last longer than bar soap. pH 6.5 - 7.5.

Receptacles / Trash : Trash


Continental Roun'Top™ Receptacle - 18 Gal., Black

With absolutely no metal parts, these containers are safe for secure areas in hospitals or prison systems. Factory Mutual Fire Approved, designed to contain and extinguish a fire, assuring safety. Removable top allows easy access. Unique "key-way" notch secures poly liners with no clumsy straps to snag liners. Weather-proof design allows outdoor use with confidence.

Continental Roun'Top™ Receptacle - 24 Gal., Black

With absolutely no metal parts, these containers are safe for secure areas in hospitals or prison systems. Factory Mutual Fire Approved, designed to contain and extinguish a fire, assuring safety. Removable top allows easy access. Unique "key-way" notch secures poly liners with no clumsy straps to snag liners. Weather-proof design allows outdoor use with confidence.

Rubbermaid® Commercial Swing Top Lid for Round Waste Container, Plastic, Beige

Drop-and-swing design provides easy disposal and then quickly returns to hide refuse from public view. Crack-resistant. Controls waste, odors and insects.

Industrial Packaging : Twist Ties


12" White Plastic Twist Ties

Also available in spools, various colors, and various lengths.

Cleaning Supplies : Floor Pads : 17" Floor Pads


PRO-LINK® Blue Scrub Pad - 17"

Strip, scrub, wet scrub, buff and polish pads available.

Chemicals : Deodorant : Air Freshener Disp/Refills


Spartan Airlift Scentre® - NABC Fresh Scent

Provides 24 hour deodorized freshness. Freshens up to 150 square feet of surface air. Provides a full 30 days fragrance for almost every preference.

Cleaning Equipment : Scrubbers - Auto & Walk : Auto & Walk Behind Scrubbers


Minuteman® Port A Scrub® - 12" w/Standard Poly Brush

Thoroughly cleans the toughest floors. Easily accessible and removable tanks. Low noise level at 69 db. Easy to use, one hand operation. 1 hp motor. 44" H w/handle 8" w/o handle x 17" W x 15" L. 3,770 square feet per hour cleaning capacity. 650 rpm brush speed.

Chemicals : Restroom Cleaners : Bowl Cleaners


Spartan Consume® Bio-Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

A natural acid, toilet, urinal, & shower room cleaner. Aqua blue color and fragrance. Each quart equipped w/flip-top dispensing cap. pH: 1.5-2.5.

Food Service : Bakery Supplies : Cake, Pie, & Loaf Pans


Pactiv 6" Deep Pie Pan

Available in 6" to 12" sizes.

Chemicals : Carpet Care : Carpet Shampoo & Cleaners


Ultra Chem Clean All-In-One Electrolytic Carpet/Fabric Clean

Our one stop Carpet/Fabric Cleaning solution to stains, spills, pet odor, urine and even gum. This high performance cleaner is environmentally conscious and with its multiple application use, Clean is extremely economical and can be used with any carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning method regardless of water temperature: Prespray, bonnet cleaning, extraction, truck mount extraction, pad cleaning, spot cleaning. Can also be combined with ‘Neutralizer' (acidic rinse) to boost cleaning performance for all cleaning applications and neutralize prior chemical residue/malodors. Electrolytic Cleaning Technology. UCL Approved GREEN.

Chemicals : Carpet Care : Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


Spartan Chewing Gum Remover

Removes chewing gum, candle wax, and other gummy substances from carpets, upholstery, wood, plastic, vinyl from nearly every surface! 12 oz. cans; Net 9 oz.

P&G Baseline™ Chewing Gum Remover 9-62 RTU - 6.5 oz.

Designed to remove chewing gum, candle wax, putty and other gummy substances from many surfaces.

Industrial Packaging : Tape : Carton Sealing Equipment


BestPack® MBD Carton-Sealing Machine - 2", Standard Finish

Manual bottom drive. Operator-fed, adjustable, carton-sealing machine designed for light to heavy duty, uniform carton closure applications. One bottom drive electric 110V motor, UL approved. Two bottom belts; 3" tape head; Up to 40 cartons/minute. Four adjustable legs for quick easy height adjustment.

Industrial Packaging : Tape : Carton Sealing Tape


Primetac 605 BOPP Hotmelt Carton Sealing -2" x 110 yd, Clear

Our hotmelt carton sealing tapes are engineered for the perfect balance of shear (holding power) and peel adhesion. Their classic hotmelt properties of easy release and quick tack make them ideal for machine length rolls. Total Thickness: 1.6 mils; Tensile Strength (lb/1"): 18. Adhesion to Steel (oz/1"): >46. Elongation Percent at Break: 150%.

Industrial Packaging : Boxes : Corrugated (Stock) Boxes


14" x 12" x 12" RSC 200# Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

18" x 8" x 8" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

24" x 16" x 12" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

6" x 6" x 48" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

6" x 6" x 6" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

8" x 8" x 48" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

8" x 8" x 8" RSC 200# Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

12" x 12" x 4" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

20" x 20" x 6" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

24" x 24" x 7" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

12" x 12" x 12" RSC 32 E.C.T. Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

4" x 4" x 4" RSC 200# Kraft Stock Box

A wide range of sizes of boxes for use in shipping.

Food Service : Cups & Lids : Cup Lids


Pactiv Clear Flat Lids w/Straw Slot For 16 & 24 oz. Cups

Clear cup lids available in various sizes.

Dart® Lift n'Lock™ Lid w/Straw Slot - Translucent

Closing tab helps avoid spills. Great for coffee, soft drinks, shakes, juice, tea, or water. Available in white or translucent.

Dart® Optima Reclosable Lid, Fits 12-24 oz Foam Cups, White, 1000/Carton

Unique, contemporary, near-dome design helps you make a great impression with patrons. Optima® reclosable tab allows heat-retaining, lid-on sipping. Finger-tip-sized lock-down point simplifies order-filling tasks. Secure fit and tab lock minimize the potential for spills.

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Cut Mop Heads


PRO-LINK® Screw-Type Blended Cut End Wet Mop - 32 oz.

Available in various sizes. Four blended fibers - cotton, rayon, polyester, and acrylic. Good absorbency.

PRO-LINK® Screw-Type Blended Cut End Wet Mop - 16 oz.

Available in various sizes. Four blended fibers - cotton, rayon, polyester, and acrylic. Good absorbency.

Chemicals : Disinfectants / Sanitizers : Disinfectant Wipes


Spartan Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipe - NABC Scent

Quat-based cleaner, disinfecting, sanitizing hard surface wipes. Kills 99% of bacteria in just 15 seconds. Pleasant to use lemon scent. Alcohol, solvent, bleach free. 7" x 8" wipe. Kills pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus.

Food Service : Napkins : Dispenser Napkins & Dispensers


Tork® Universal Xpressnap® Dispenser Napkin

Interfold. Perfect for quick service restaurants. EcoLogo® Certified. Green Seal{TM] Certified. Open Size: 8.5" x 13"; Folded Size: 4.3" x 6.5"; Natural. Overall emboss; 1-ply. 500 per pack, 12 per case.

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Dust Mop Handles & Frames


Boardwalk® Clip-On Dust Mop Frame, 24w x 5d, Zinc Plated

Rust-resistant 1/4" black wire with rounded ends. Frame is black powdercoat. Accepts Clip-On Handle (sold separately).

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Dust Mops


PRO-LINK® Standard Plus Launderable Dust Mop - 5" x 12"

Available in various sizes. Static pickup, mildew resistant, cut end construction, sewn construction. Half tie/half sleeve. Blue Backing/Blue Yarn. Synthetic backing and fibers.

Cleaning Supplies : Brooms & Dust Pans : Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


Boardwalk® Flagged Tip Poly Bristle Janitor Brooms, 57-58-1/2", Natural/Black, 12/Carton

Stiff, tightly packed bristles get into nooks and crannies while pushing dust and debris. Flagged-tip polypropylene provides abrasion-, grease-, oil-, acid- and alkaline-resistance. Sturdy block securely anchors bristles.

Skin Care : Soap : Foam & Gel Soaps


Deb® AgroBac FOAM Wash - 2 L

Antibacterial foam hand wash with Benzalkonium chloride to cleanse the skin and kill bacteria. NSF Registered E2 foaming cleanser. Perfume-free and dye-free. Mild formulation for frequent use; Triclosan free.

GOJO® Provon® Foaming Handwash w/Moisturizers-1250mL

High-quality, foaming hand soap with added skin conditioner. Refreshing cranberry fragrance. EcoLogo™ certified.

Chemicals : Food Service : Food Service Degreaser


3M™ Twist 'n Fill™ 7L Food Service Degreaser - 2 L

Removes food and oily soils from hard surfaces such as walls, floors, tables and vinyl. Low flow for dispensing into trigger spray bottles. Yield per 2 Liter bottle: 123 ready-to-use gallons. Gray cap.

Chemicals : Food Service : Food Service Specialty Cleaners


P&G Cascade® Professional Fryer Boil Out Powder - 85 oz.

The same cleaning power you've known for your dishes, now for you deep fryers.

Industrial Packaging : Stretch Wrap : Hand Stretch Wrap


Inteplast AmTOPP LoadStar™ Prestretched Hand Film

Unsurpassed puncture strength. Unrivaled load-holding energy. Superior cling. Unchallenged neck-down. Excellent clarity. Proprietary quiet release. Ergonomically designed. Environmentally friendly. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

18"/80 Gauge Stretch Wrap

Use for unitizing to hold loads together. Film has excellent tear resistance, outstanding cling, and good clarity.

Chemicals : Industrial : Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


Spartan SNB-130 Degreaser - Gal.

Super strength non-butyl degreaser provides extra degreasing boost needed to cut through greasy, oil build-ups and encrustations. Dilution: 1 1/2-12 oz. makes gallon. pH 13.3-13.7. USDA: A1; 4 per case.

Paper : Tissues : Jumbo Tissue


GEN JRT Jumbo Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, White, 12" Diameter, 6/Carton

Keep your restrooms fully stocked with high-quality, value-priced GEN tissue. Smooth and absorbent, it perfectly meets the needs of high-traffic public restrooms. Extra-large, jumbo-roll design helps reduce run-outs, minimizing the need for restocking. Fits all JRT jumbo-roll-tissue dispensers.

Von Drehle 2 Ply Jumbo Roll Tissue - 3.6" W x 10" Dia.

Recycled content: 100%; Post consumer content: 60%. Roll diameter: 10"; Roll width: 3.6". Core size: 2.7"; Feet per roll: 1,450.

Safety : Eye : Lens Cleaning


Berk Wiper Lens Tissue - 15" x 17"

From eye glasses and computer screens to that delicate task, our lens tissues can handle the job. 1 Ply. Pop-Up box.

Chemicals : Deodorant : Liquid Deodorant


Enviro Solutions™ 58 Envirocide Odor Eliminator - Gal.

Features Envirocide, a unique blend of essential oils selected to absorb, combine and neutralize odors. Renders the worst odors, such as smoke, urine, garbage, feces and mildew undetectable. Not a cover-up. Environmental Choice Program 57 Certified. Biodegradable. Non-toxic.

Chemicals : Disinfectants / Sanitizers : Liquid Disinfectants / Sanitizers


Spartan HDQ Neutral® One-Step Disinfectant - 5 Gal.

Germicidal Detergent/deodorant. Kills HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) on inanimate surfaces. 400 ppm hard water claims in the presence of 5% blood serum. Dilution: 1 oz. makes gallon. pH 7.2-8.2. Use in human and animal health care areas.

Ultra Chem Ultra-Q128 Disinfectant Cleaner - Gal.

An effective disinfectant cleaner combined with Ultra Chem Labs' Electrolytic Cleaner and a Quaternary formulation.

Skin Care : Soap : Liquid Soap


GOJO® Provon® Antimicrobial Lotion Soap w/0.3% PCMX

A high-performance, antimicrobial lotion soap for general handwashing. Kills germs that may cause illness. Triclosan-free formulation. Pleasant fragrance.

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Microfiber Mops


Rubbermaid® Quick-Connect Short Extension Handle - 24"-40"

Lightweight aluminum construction is safe for use in MRI rooms. Yellow. 24" L x 2" W x 2" H collapsed. 40" L x 2" W x 2" H extended.

Unger® SmartColor™ MicroMop 15.0 - 16", Red

Heavy-duty 15 mm pile for stone and tile floors with grout lines. Features aggressive cleaning edges that clean with less water, less effort. Reduces bacteria by up to 96%. Durable, machine wash and dry up to 500 times. For use with Mop Holder SM40G.

Unger® Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Cleans glass with less drag. Provides perfect glide on glass surfaces. Removes dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt from glass. Use with pad holder PHH20 or PHD20.

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Mop Handles


Unger® 4' 5" Mop Handle 140 KD

Compact mop handle, "knocked down" for shipping convenience. Complete 3-section assembly. 23 mm diameter. Lightweight, aluminum construction. Ergonomic grip.

Industrial Packaging : Boxes : Moving & Storage Boxes


Picture Frame Box - 24" x 5" x 24"

Available in various sizes.

Paper : Towels : Multifold Towels


GP Pro™ Pacific Blue Basic™ M-Fold Paper Towel - Brown

Green Seal™ certified. Contains at least 50% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber (3rd Party). Meets or Exceeds EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. Folded width: 3 1/4".

Chemicals : Multi Purpose : Multi Purpose Liquid


Spartan Xcelente™ 24 Multipurpose Cleaner - 2L

Clean on the Go®. Enjoy the fresh, clean fragrance of lavender while you clean with this multi-purpose, hard surface cleaner. Long-lasting fragrant bloom of lavender. Dilution: 0.5 - 3 oz./gal.

Food Service : Film Wrap : Non-Perforated Film Wrap


Spring Grove Cutterbox Film Roll - 18" x 2000'

Packaged in an easy to dispenser cutter box to ensure customer satisfaction. 50 gauge.

Chemicals : Food Service : Oven Grill Cleaner


Spartan Oven & Grill Cleaner - 15 Gal.

A combination of solvents, wetting agents, and alkaline materials. Effectively cleans hot or cold surfaces and can be used for daytime or overnight cleaning. Dilution: Straight - 12 oz. makes gallon. pH 13.5-14.0. USDA: A8.

Food Service : Cups & Lids : Paper Cold Drink Cups


Maui Cup® Polar Blue Paper Cold Drink Cup - 16 oz.

Double poly-coated (both interior and exterior surfaces) with a polyethylene plastic film that keeps liquid in and reinforces material to resist sweating.

Food Service : Cups & Lids : Plastic Clear Cups


Dart® Conex ClearPro™ Polypropylene Cup - 24 oz.

Enhance product presentation and increase impulse sales with sparkling clarity! Polypropylene plastic is durable and crack-resistant. One lid size fits 12P, 16P, 20P, and 24P reducing storage requirements for lids. Rolled rim provides a comfortable rim to drink from while providing a secure lid fit. Use lid: L24C, 24LCD, 24LCDH.

Dart® Ultra Clear Cups, 12 oz, PET, 50/Bag, 20 Bags/Carton

Crystal clear cups provide an appealing way to showcase beverages. Crack-resistant PET construction ensures that they are sturdy as well as attractive. Lids (sold separately) are interchangeable between popular drink sizes, helping conserve storage space. Cups work with multiple lid options—with or without straw slots, domed, and with or without holes—to accommodate any chilled beverage or treat you'd like to serve. Clear cups are ideal for serving soda, juice, milk shakes and any other cold drinks.

Food Service : Cups & Lids : Plastic Translucent Cups


Fabri-Kal® Translucent Cold Cups - 7 oz. w/Sidewall Rings

One-piece construction. Odorless and tasteless so full flavor of beverage comes through. More inviting appearance than foam or paper. Made of polystyrene.

WNA Plastic Cups, 10 oz., Translucent, Individually Wrapped

Convenient, individually wrapped cups help ensure sanitary dispensing and distribution. Flat bottom rim with concave center ensures stability when set down. Plastic construction enables reuse while providing a more substantial feel than paper.

Paper : Towels : Roll Towels


WausauPaper® DublNature® Universal Roll Towel - 8"x800'

Offer the softness and strength needed to elevate your hand-drying experience. Features a unique weave pattern creating highly absorbent towels so fewer are needed per hand dry. Exceptional brightness. Made from 100% recycled fibers and Green Seal™ certified. Cloth-like hand feel. White.

GP Cormatic® Hardwound Roll Towel on 8.25" Non-Slot Roll

Part of our high-capacity Cormatic® roll towel dispenser system solution. Thru-Embossed® single-ply brown roll towel. Green Seal™ certified. EcoLogo® certified.

Industrial Packaging : Boxes : Set Up Mailer Boxes


White Corrugated Mailer - 6" x 3" x 3"

These strong but lightweight mailers are great for shipping small and fragile items.

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Specialty Mop Heads


Fas-Trak Bonnit Bug Carpet Spotting Tool

Combines a pressurized carpet sprayer with a bonnit and brush combination. Simple, easy and quick. Includes 20 oz. sprayer bottle, 1 Bonnit Bug Pad.

Industrial Packaging : Tape : Tape Machines


BestPack® MSD22-2 Manual Sidedrive Dual mast Carton Sealer

A semi-automatic uniform tape carton sealer and is our most popular operator-fed adjustable carton sealer. Tape head: 2"; Cartons per minute: Up to 40. Carton range: 6" - U L x 4.25" - 20" W x 3.5"-20.5" H. Conveyor Height Adjustment: 23.5" - 30"; 110 Volts 60 Hz.

Chemicals : Deodorant : Urinal Blocks & Screens


WizKid Splash Hog Urinal Screen - Cucumber Melon

Hedgehog-like spines drastically reduces the splash back from the urinal and deodorizes the restroom. Loaded with a powerful 60 day fragrance. Easy application and effortless to replace.

WizKid Splash Hog Urinal Screen - Mango

Hedgehog-like spines drastically reduces the splash back from the urinal and deodorizes the restroom. Loaded with a powerful 60 day fragrance. Easy application and effortless to replace.

Cleaning Supplies : Brushes : Utility and Vehicle Brushes


Carlisle Sparta® Spectrum® H-Lo™ Scrub Brush - Blue

Made with three different brush surfaces for cleaning at different angles. The split shape is efficient for cleaning flat surfaces, under counters, around equipment, and along baseboards. Non-absorbent plastic blocks and synthetic bristles wash easily and prevent gathering of mold and mildew. Threaded to accept your choice of handles (sold separately). Base resins used to produce blocks and bristles are made of FDA approved materials. 10".

Cleaning Equipment : Vacuum : Vacuum Accessories


Eureka® UP-1 Bag For P1 & 6600 Upright Vacuums


Safety : Gloves : Vinyl Gloves


SemperCare® Vinyl Examination Gloves - Large

Strength. Durability. Sensitivity. Fit. The SemperCare® Vinyl glove is designed as the ultimate solution for those who are at risk of becoming sensitive to natural rubber latex. Its cream color and new resin are an upgrade from regular vinyl gloves, giving the SemperCare® Vinyl glove the look and feel of latex without the latex allergens. It offers exceptional strength and protection, yet maintains maximum tactile.

Paper : Towels : Wipers


Berk Wiper Spunlace Smooth Wiper - 12" x 13", Flat

A strong virutally lnit free wiper with good absorbency that is ideal for wiping machinery, tools, printing rollers and any applications where a low lint extremely durable wiper is needed.