Ameritech Brilliant Plexiglas & Hard Surface Cleaner - Qt.

Item # AMT 21012

  • One of the highest performing glass cleaners on the market today. It cleans glass and mirrors easily and quickly, leaving them perfectly clean and streak free!
Qt., 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #21012
  • Description

Its is phenomenal for removing finger marks, grease, cigarette smoke residue, water stains, soot, etc. from windows, partitions, mirrors, showcases, auto glass, Plexiglas, etc. It also has the ability to cut through many heavier soils often found in factories, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, etc. In addition, Brilliant Plexiglas and Hard Surface Cleaner is excellent for a huge variety of other hard surfaces, such as desktops, countertops, ceramic tile, porcelain, Formica, stainless steel and many, many others. Safe to use on Plexiglas and other plastic surfaces. Formulated especially for industrial and institutional use.