Ameritech Stinger 9% Acid Bathroom Cleaner - Qt.

Item # AMT 40612

  • An astonishing, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner that delivers remarkable cleaning and de-staining performance in an economical, ready-to-use solution.
Qt., 12/cs
Manufacturers Item #40612
  • Description

Attacks tough stains and deposits in urinals, toilets, sinks, showers and tubs, etc. Removes organic stains, rust stains, uric acid deposits, and mineral scale buildup, while not harming plumbing or septic systems. In addition, its cationic detergent system inhibits corrosion of metal parts in urinals and toilets. Incredibly effective cleaner, deal for challenges in hospitals, motels, hotels, schools, nursing homes, factories, business and industrial buildings, restaurants, etc.