CloroxPro™ Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer

CloroxPro™ Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer

Item # CLO 60025

  • PowerWrap[TM] nozzle a powerful air compressor and reliable delivery method. Provides superior wraparound surface coverage ensuring all surfaces, front back and sides, are properly treated.
  • Cost effective 65% less solution (versus a trigger sprayer per sq. ft.)
  • Covers more, treats up to 18000 sq ft. per hour
  • Ergonomically designed with lightweight handle
Manufacturer Item #60025
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Intended for use in larger spaces providing greater surface coverage in less time with less solution. Ideal for use in schools, athletic facilities, offices, healthcare facilities, public restrooms, hotels, airports, ambulances, daycare centers, and institutional kitchens.

How Clorox® Total 360® Technology Works

Electrostatic technology works by charging liquid droplets as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. The resulting charged droplets actively seek out surfaces and get attached to them. Electrostatic sprayers are engineered to treat high-touch areas more quickly and efficiently with the convenience of touchless coverage.