Pack: 1/QT

Enviro Solutions™ 57 Lime Remover & Descaler - Qt.

Item # ENS ES57-6

For alkaline-resistant soils and deposits. Product is non-corrosive on skin, aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. No fumes. No residue. Lengthens life of metals and porcelain. Not TDG nor DOT regulated. End use applications: Foodservice: Delime/descale food processing equipment, coffee urns, espresso machines, kettles, dishmachines, steamtables, glassware and nursery bottles. Washrooms: shower stalls, urinals, toilet bowls, tubs and shower heads. Also use on animal cages, lab glassware, humidifiers, washing machines and drinking fountains. Use on Brick, stucco, steel, aluminum and porcelain surfaces.

Qt., 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #ES57-6